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My Education Projects

Paediatric Blood Gas Cases

Flip card based education tool for teaching paediatric VBGs

This consists of 14 cases each with a set of VBG results as well as a card with normal ranges. Each case can be solved using the case vingette and the VBG results and the answer is on the back

Paediatric Limp

Matching game comparing the 6 most common and most serious causes of paediatric limp. Match the presentation, history, examination, aetiology, treatment and photo to create sets. 

Concept has been borrowed from East Midlands Emergency Medicine Education Media. 

Other Education Resources

Cards Against Paediatric Dermatology

Matching game to teach common paediatric rashes. Produced by East Midlands Emergency Medicine Education Media.

Paediatric Epilepsy

The website provides key information on approach to diagnosis, epilepsy syndromes, medications, and management of first seizure and epilepsy. There are also standardised documents for event documentation, drug planning, and emergency seizure management for schools, day care and respite centres

Empiric Antibiotics Card Game

The game is designed for education for physicians and medical trainees including medical students, residents, PA students, NP students, and pharmacy students. 

Learn antibiotic classes, mechanism, spectrum of activity and delivery options with color coding and icons built into antibiotic cards.

Empiric Antibiotic Card Game

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